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SOHC Honda CB Motorcycles 

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CB Video (a little throttle)

Technical  Procedure with quality photos. 

Honda CB750 Parts "In Europe" OEM Honda CB750 - More

      Firing Order (Requires Java)

      $65 Header

      Torque Tables


      Valve Adjustment   (Best Trick)

      Carburetor Rebuild

      Clutch Removal / Installation

      Speedometer Disassembly

      Slipping out of gear?    (Another possible reason)

      Float Adjustment

      Float measurement location SOLVED (from the lip - Proof)

      KeiHin Carburetor Tuning

      Carburetor Synchronization

      Dual Disk Conversion   (from Ben Hiles)

      Fork Seal replacement

      Fix Fork Tube burrs and pits

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